Come to Haifa Bay just before the heavy heat of summer begins. On May 29, 2018, Swimmers will jump the waves and begin swimming along the curves of the bay with a magnificent view of the Carmel mountain range sweeping down to meet the shore. Joined by the thriving underwater life, giant sea turtles, and playful fish, swimmers will affirm life with each stroke as they Swim From the Heart.

Participants will gather shortly after dawn at the Café Midrachof on the Haifa Bay Promenade (near booth 3 on the Zamir Beach). Following registration, the swimmers will be taken by bus to their various starting points.

The swim route will be marked by special buoys; boats and kayaks with rescue teams and medical staff will be along the entire route in case of need. The heats will not be timed. However, medals will be awarded to all swimmers completing their track. In addition, a special prize cup will be presented to the first three swimmers completing each heat.

Swimmers have a choice of four different heats. All swimmers will meet at the Café Midrachof. 

Heat 1, single-track, 7.6 km: This heat is for Expert Swimmers only age 16 and up. Swimmers will gather at the Café Midrachof at 5:15 am and then be taken by bus to their starting point. The heat begins at 6:30 am. The organizers reserve the right, at their discretion, not to approve the participation of swimmer.

Heat 2, single-track, 4.5 km: This heat is for good and experienced swimmers age 14 and up. Swimmers will gather at the Café Midrachof at 5:30 am and then be taken by bus to their starting point. The heat begins at 7:15 am.

Heat 3, double-track, 2.6 km: This heat is for above average amateur swimmers age 13 and up. Swimmers will gather at the Café Midrachof at 6:30 am and then walk 1 km north to the starting point at Hacarmel Beach (next to Hotel Meridien). 

Heat 4, triple-track, 1 km: This heat is good for amateur swimmers age 12 and up. Swimmers will gather at 7:30 am and begin swimming at the beach outside of Café Midrachof. 

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Netta was only 6 years old when she died—from sudden cardiac death (SCD)—during her first day of school. This should have been a day of joy and accomplishment. Instead it was a day of great sorrow and shock.


Inspired by the death of his daughter, Guy Cohen is determined to help find a cure so that other parents don’t have to share in his experience. A professional swimmer, Guy is doing this by raising funds via for SCD research via international swim meets. In 2016, for the First Swim From the Heart international swim meet, he swam 71 kilometers over 24 hours in the open sea. Another 600 swimmers joined in the swim meet, also in support SCD research at Rambam.

By joining the swim, you can raise funds in a variety of ways, such as

  • Asking friends to donate to Rambam Health Care Campus for research into the cause and prevention of SCD

  • Telling others about the swim

  • Asking friends/family/colleagues to sponsor your swim per 100 meters or kilometer completed. This is a great way to challenge yourself as a swimmer and others to donate to save a heart